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Cat Wellness 411
Thursday, 5 May 2011
The Best Way To Keep Your Pet Cat Happy
When it relates to growing old with dignity, your favorite cat's life span is influenced by a number of factors, including breed, environment and genetics. Even though a cat's life expectancy will be different determined by these contributing factors, a good general guideline is that a healthy house cat is going to live to at least the age of fifteen. Even so, it isn't all that unusual for a feline to live for a longer time and some cats are known to have reached the ripe old age of thirty.

Just like human beings, cats live the longest on a high-quality nourishing diet plan. As cats grow old, their nutritional needs change and it's really important to feed them an adequately balanced diet. In spite of the recent scare about contaminated cat food made with materials brought in from China, nearly all domestic cat food brands are now thought to be safe. These are readily available in different formulations matched to specific stages in a cat's life and are normally well liked by cats. If you're concerned about food safety, you can always make you own cat food at home. No matter if you select a national brand name or make your own food, it's really important not to overfeed your pet so it can maintain a healthy body weight.

Cats are similar to people in another way, too. Both respond well to an active lifestyle with physical exercise. Allowing your pet to go outdoors just about every day is a great way to keep your cat healthy and fit. A scratching post along with a prudent choice of playthings also can keep your cat active in the house. Reserve a little while every day to play with your cat. Not only will you and your cat grow to be much better buddies, the activity will also lead to a long, healthy life for your cat and even improve your own quality of life!

Another method to help a cat live for a longer time originally came as a surprise to me. Just prior to signing off, Bob Barker, the ex - host of the Price is Right, the well-known TV game show, used to admonish his audience to spay or neuter their cats. While Barker's reason was most likely to help reduce the quantity of wayward cats and dogs roaming the streets of L.A., it turns out that spaying or neutering your cat may in reality increase its life expectancy. Although the data on this don't lie, it's not precisely clear why the concept works. Some think a fixed cat will remain much closer to home, minimizing its exposure to illness and other hazards.

Don't forget, finding and establishing a good relationship with a qualified vet in your area is important should your cat ever requires professional care. Regular visits to the veterinarian, even if there's no urgent reason, can extend the life of your cat by many happy years. So, make an effort to locate a veterinarian close to you. Close friends or family members can frequently make a recommendation, but if you're new to the neighborhood or don't know another cat owner you can talk to, check your on-line yellow pages for a directory of certified vets in your neighborhood.

Hope you enjoyed and were able to use this information. I'm David (a.k.a. DaveJac) and I've created hundreds of online articles over the previous five years on topics as diverse as cat nutrition, prevent tonsil stones and natural relief of chronic pain using a tens electrode. Go through more of my content by clicking on the above links.

Posted by joesphbarnet4803 at 12:04 AM EDT

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